Cornbury Venison

Why Buy Cornbury Venison?

Free roaming amongst the 450 acres of private parkland, Cornbury deer are reared in one of the most natural environments possible, whilst also giving us a degree of control of their management.

Carefully managed park deer give the customer the opportunity to purchase carcasses of guaranteed age and consistency with excellent conformation, something which can’t be achieved with wild deer.

The park holds two different species for venison sales, Fallow and Sika.

During the spring/summer the deer can be seen grazing the parks grassland, whilst autumn gives them the opportunity to gorge on the plentiful supply of natural fruit falling including apples, acorns and chestnuts. During the winter, a combination of haylage and sugar beet is fed in order to help with the herd’s nutritional requirements through the colder months.

Each year a cull is taken from the park in order to keep numbers at a healthy level for the herd’s welfare. Prime eighteen month old animals are selected and culled to order.

We start in August with Fallow prickets, followed by yearling females. Going into the colder months, we swap over to Sika which hold their condition a little better, ensuring high quality consistent carcasses to butchers and restaurants alike throughout the season. 

When is it available? August-January

Why venison? Low in fat: lower than chicken, and higher in iron than other red meats. It is also low in calories, carbohydrates and cholesterol. Proven to be good for your heart, offers twice as much iron as beef or lamb and is a valuable source of essential Omega 3 acids. 


Whole carcasses can be bought direct from the estate, whilst cuts of Cornbury venison can be purchased via Denshams butchers in Witney.

Cornbury Venison can be enjoyed both locally and in some of London’s top restaurants.

Denshams Butchers 

The Estate